Salem registered sex offenders in Melbourne

Thirds Column 2. Marshall, Raleigh Way Thomas N. One Third Two Thirds Column 1. What is a registered sex offender?

Devine, now 29, claimed the sexual contact was consentual, while court records show he threatened his victim by telling her "to watch her back if she filed charges. According to Shirazi's current mandatory sex offender registry information, he now lives in Exeter, the scene of several of his confessed crimes against children.

After each visit, Sheriff's Deputies go to the homes to confirm whether the offenders are actually living at the address they supply -- and to make sure the residence is the required distance from a school, day care, youth center or public park where they could come into contact with youth.

Level 4 and Level 3 sex offenders are featured on the website, along with any Level 2 offenders who were convicted crimes involving children. Smiley, 39E St. Donald C. Quick exit.

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Wanted registered sex offenders Reporting wanted registered sex offenders. Timothy S. Denis, now 43, later admitted to failing to participate in court-ordered sex offender counseling, to buying a bow and arrow in violation of his probation and to having thoughts about killing his father.

Brian E. Andis was convicted of Indecency with a Child, Sexual Contact. White was sentenced on Nov.

Quarter Column 1. Home News Wanted registered sex offenders. Cloutier, Ocean Blvd.

Salem registered sex offenders in Melbourne

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