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And now, dancing. The men said they believed they were protecting their neighborhood in the event looters or rioters showed up in Fishtown. As Venise Whitaker, 45, and twin sisters Marion and Jen Leary, 42, watched the news of looting across Center City on May 30, they created a social media campaign dubbed BringABroomPHL, and urged citizens to bring their brooms and help clean up the following day.

Surrounded by a heavy police and National Guard presence, hundreds of people gathered at City Hall on Tuesday afternoon for a fourth day of protests in response to the killing of George Floyd.

love hate sex pain video in Philadelphia

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The Philadelphia Police Department has made arrests since widespread protests and looting erupted in the city on Saturday. Andy needed to give him a jolt. Leadership that can recognize pain and the grief of communities that have had a knee on their neck for a long time.

At least 1, demonstrators made a winding path through Center City Tuesday. Throughout Saturday's protests against racial violence and police killings, protesters found moments of joy and dance. Philadelphia police are now requiring all uses of force to be reported via police radio, in addition to a written report after the fact.

Love hate sex pain video in Philadelphia

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